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Endorsed by Sinopharm Group, Sinopharm Changsha Co., Ltd. designated production agency base
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Sinopharm Changsha Co., Ltd. designated the production agency base

Its own three laboratories to form the research and development

1.The Joint Laboratory of Fokker Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Transformation Center for Targeted Drugs, School of Medicine, Jinan University, mainly develops factors and skin raw materials.


2. The medical aesthetic grade R&D center of South China Zhongyan Pharmaceutical mainly develops medical aesthetic grade products with regenerative medicine as the core, high-performance medical device products, and regenerative medicine materials research and development, and the South China Zhongyan Pharmaceutical Regenerative Medicine Research Institute has the technological innovation ability to engage in the design of regenerative medical materials, new product research and development, product performance research, aseptic production and production line construction, etc., and is an experimental and pilot platform covering the basic research, engineering research and pre-industrialization research of the main application fields of advanced regenerative medicine materials.


3. The R&D Center of South China Zhongyan Medicine and Cosmetics mainly focuses on the R&D of life beauty, health products, high-end daily chemical products, and e-commerce live broadcast products.