South China Zhongyan Pharmaceutical

Investment Holding(Guangzhou) CO., LTD
  • More than 20 years of industry experience, focusing on medical beauty research and development

Company Profile

South China Zhongyan Pharmaceutical Investment Holdings (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is located in the Central Wetland Park of Baiyun District, Guangzhou, adjacent to National Highway 106 and Kongxiang Avenue and has convenient transportation. It is a pharmaceutical and cosmetics R&D and manufacturing company with modern management and professional standards. The base is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, manufacturing OEM/ODM/OBM, and the creation of live-streaming Internet celebrity hot products. It has three major R&D centers of "medical beauty + biological beauty" and a factory for cosmetic and medical device licenses

, pharmaceutical grade There are some 10,000-level sterile workshops, some 100-level sterile workshops, and 100,000-level independent workshops and intelligent production lines.

Sinopharm Group (Changsha) technical support, supporting designated production bases, brand endorsement output, Jinan University production and transformation base, CUHK Center Stem Cell Regeneration and Health Research Laboratory, South China Qianxibao Anti-aging Laboratory, 4000+ stable formulas, complete [disinfection health supplies and cosmetic] font sizes, the world's top scientific research resources, is committed to building a global high-quality pharmaceutical and beauty leader, spreading beauty and health.
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Multi-dimensional product development for new product development, genetic testing and translational medical beauty research
Product Center
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1. The Fokker Pharmaceutical Joint Laboratory of the Targeted Drug Clinical Transformation Center of Jinan University School of Medicine mainly develops raw materials for factors and peptides.

2.The medical and aesthetic grade R&D center of South China Zhongyan Medicine mainly develops medical and aesthetic grade products with regenerative medicine as the core, high-performance medical device products, and research and development of regenerative medicine materials. The South China Zhongyan Medicine Regenerative Medicine Research Institute has the ability to engage in the design and development of regenerative medicine materials. It has technological innovation capabilities in product research and development, product performance research, aseptic production and production line establishment. It is an experimental and pilot platform covering basic research, engineering research and pre-industrialization research in the main application fields of advanced regenerative medical materials.

3. The R&D Center of South China Zhongyan Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics mainly focuses on the research and development of life beauty, health products, high-end daily chemical products, and e-commerce live broadcast products.

Authoritative and Reliable Technology

More than 20 years of customer experience and exploration accumulation, the pioneer in the field of medical aesthetic biotechnology.

Long Corporate Culture

Professional translational medical cosmetology, biomedical research and development of open capabilities and technology platform enterprises
More than 200 experts, Ph.D.s in chemical engineering, and pharmaceutical R&D engineers; most of them are located in scientific research institutes, R&D companies, hospitals, etc., and collaborate on the transformation of scientific research results of the national stem cell expert group.

Stem Cell Regeneration and Health Research Laboratory, CUHK Centre

South China Stem Cell Anti-Cancer Aging Laboratory

Cellular Medicine Anti-Aging Research Center

Jinan University designated production transformation base

Designated production agent base of Sinopharm Holding Changsha Co., Ltd.

Service Rigorous Public Trust

The corporate quality goal of "customer service quality satisfaction rate of 98%"; always adhering to "integrity, fairness, and reliable technology" to meet customer needs is our constant pursuit of goals.
  • Its own three laboratories to form the research and development center

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